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BestNotes Patient Portal Troubleshooting 4/2019

Dear Parents:

The BestNotes Patient Portal has a built in security feature that causes access to the documents to expire after 2 minutes. This is so that if you are accessing patient information in a public place like a library or at work, the information will not be available to everyone should you forget to close and log off.

When this happens, the following error message (or a similar one) will appear when you try to access the documents/pictures. 



<Message>Request has expired</Message>









If you are trying to access your files and you get this message, please return to the BestNotes Patient Portal home page (the page with your name and your child's name listed) and press the refresh button. This will allow you to see all the documents again. 

We are also recommending to all parents that they download and save copies of each of the documents and photos to their personal computer as soon as they become available on the Patient Portal. This will ensure you always have access to the files, no matter the internet connection or any technical difficulties that may arise.