COVID-19 7.10.20

Dear Parents,

The summer is passing quickly and the window for family visits will be ending on July 31st. As previously mentioned, these visits have been beneficial to our students and hopefully to those of you who have been able to travel to Youth Care. While there are only a few weeks remaining, the Youth Care Management Team and Youth Care COVID-19 Team wanted to briefly reiterate and clarify important expectations regarding visits.

  • Please arrive at Youth Care shortly a few minutes before, but no later than, the designated, pre-planned time. Should you arrive late, there may be a delay in the screening process and transition of your children for departure.

  • When you arrive, ALL family members visiting will need proof of a negative COVID-19 test. If any test results are pending at the time of the planned pick up/visit, please notify the medical staff and wait until ALL results are available for review by the medical staff. Our medical staff members have been instructed to not permit the visit if the results are not available.

  • Please arrive back at the facility at the pre-arranged time.

  • Unless there are extenuating circumstances (which would be determined by your student’s therapist) we are asking that no second visits occur.

  • We ask that you do not travel outside of the state of Utah during the visit.

  • During your visit we ask that you wear masks whenever you are in any public area. While the current mandate to wear masks applies only to Salt Lake (where our facility is) and Summit Counties, our governor has asked that everyone in the state of Utah wear masks when in public.


As anticipated, the recent rise in positive COVID-19 tests will preclude visits during the month of August. As we move forward our teams will attempt to assess the trajectory of this pandemic and provide more information about when the next window for visits would be most appropriate.

Thank you for the ongoing support of your child and their treatment at Youth Care.  Our team is dedicated to meet the ongoing treatment needs of your child during this challenging time in our world.

Warm Regards,


Richard Mickelsen

Youth Care Medical Director

COVID-19 6.26.20

Dear Parents,

We hope this communication reaches you in a safe and healthy condition. As each of you are aware, if you are following the COVID news from Utah, there has been a dramatic increase in COVID-19 cases during the past month, since moving to a lower level of community precautions. As such, given the elevated risk of exposure, Utah has become a state to which some states are strongly recommending their citizens not travel. The status of restrictions in our community is being scrutinized closely. Some considerations include returning to a higher level of community restrictions (e.g. limits on size of gatherings, no dine in eating, etc.). In Salt Lake County, where Youth Care is located, wearing masks outside of your home has been mandated by the local government officials to begin June 27, 2020. Therefore, we feel it is important that we share this information so those of you considering traveling to Utah are sufficiently informed and warned of the elevated risk of being here. Additionally, given this dramatic increase in cases, our Management and COVID-19 teams felt it needful to clarify the following points:

  • Youth Care will proceed with allowing visits from families of our students as previously offered up until the end of July 2020. Regarding this, we ask you to continue follow the outlined process and clarify questions or misunderstandings with the therapist working with your child. We also ask that you are thoughtful about the current elevated risk of traveling to Utah and strongly request that if you are traveling to and remaining in Utah, ALL guidelines for community contact be followed.

  • All Youth Care students will wear masks whenever they are off campus and in the community.

  • All Youth Care employees will be expected to wear masks when in contact with our students or other staff.

  • Youth Care will continue to follow strict screening of all employees coming onto campus and NO other persons or visitors will be allowed within the facility.

  • Youth Care is currently assessing the plan for the next Parent Days (currently scheduled for August 2020) and will keep you updated. We are confident, however, that there will NOT be an in-person Parent Days.

We are hopeful that these stricter precautions and renewed efforts to social distance and use basic hygiene practices will allow for a return to a more normal level of functioning soon. As always, we express thanks for your ongoing support in this process and have appreciated the positive feedback from those of you who have traveled to Utah to see your children.


Dr. Mickelsen
Medical Director

COVID-19 6.19.20

Dear parents,

Two weeks ago, Youth Care began in person, off campus visitation for parents of our students. Within these few weeks we have had several successful visits and many more have been scheduled. The reunion of students with their parents has been very positive and heartwarming to witness. However, as this process has been a little more challenging than originally anticipated and given some changes in personnel at Youth Care, we would like to remind you of the process for setting up visits with your children:

  • Inform your child’s therapist of your desire to visit. In collaboration with the therapist, a determination will be made as to the appropriateness (i.e. safety) of a visit. If a visit is deemed appropriate, parents are to propose two dates for visiting and relay those to the therapist. Therapists will also review information about the procedure with the parents including the requirement to obtain a negative COVID-19 test prior to the visit.

  • The therapist will then notify Cindy Warner, R.N (Youth Care Nursing Director) of the parent’s intention to visit and share the two proposed dates.

  • Cindy will then reach out to the parents to schedule the exact dates and time for the visit.

  • One to two days prior to your arrival in Utah, a representative from the medical team will reach out to the parents and review screening questions as well as explain the process of drop off and pick up of your children for the visit.

  • Currently we are only scheduling visits through the month of July. Future visitation will be dependent on the guidelines and restrictions, country and statewide, related to Covid-19. We will communicate plans and updates as they are determined.


We acknowledge the great efforts being made on the part of many of you traveling to Utah to see your children. We hope we can assist in making your visits successful and rewarding. Thank you for your patience in this process.

Also, we would like to bring your attention to the following items:

First: Communication between parents and their children at Youth Care is key. In addition to family therapy and phone calls on the weekend, letters are another important avenue to communicate. Most of our students eagerly look forward to receiving mail. However, while letters are welcome and highly encouraged, we would like to remind you that sending packages, other than for your child’s birthday or a special holiday, is not in keeping with Youth Care’s policy. Additionally, contents of the packages are to be according to the same policy. This reminder comes because this policy has not been followed as closely as it should. Issues with volume of packages, content (including unsafe objects) and distraction this creates (whether it be from the students requesting/anticipating packages or peers who are not receiving as many packages) has been problematic. We respectfully request each of you review the package policy available on the Parent Portal and help us rectify this problem. 


Second: Youth Care is committed to serving each of our students and families as best we can. It has come to our attention that many of your efforts to reach staff on campus have been unsuccessful and when voicemail messages have been left some have gone unreturned. This has led our management team to adjust our practice. As such, we would ask when you call and are unable to reach a staff, please leave a voicemail message on the house (i.e. Alpine, Brighton, Horizon, Summit) voicemail. These voicemails will be checked daily and follow up initiated on that same day.


As we come to the end of another week of this journey, we share this thought:

Often, as we work with your children in their treatment, we encourage them to step back and see the bigger picture of what is going on in their lives and with their unique challenges. We encourage them to shift how they think or act and to gain a new perspective. In this same light we would like to share this video which encourages each of us to use the many changes and experiences that have come because of the COVID-19 crisis constructively and view some aspects of our lives with some new perspective.


Warm Regards,

Dr. Richard Mickelsen

Medical Director

Statement on Racism 6.11.2020

Dear Parents, 

Recent events involving black Americans have served as a substantial reminder of the deep-seated racism, discrimination, and violence that plagues the United States. Furthermore, we recognize the COVID-19 pandemic has had an unequal burden on communities of color; creating increased isolation and additional pain.

The leadership team at Youth Care acknowledges the challenging time in which we find ourselves. We as a program and people strive to have a diverse and inclusive environment safe for people of all backgrounds. We continue to be united in support of all students and families. We remain committed to diversity, inclusion and social justice.

The trauma of these events has an impact on the social and emotional well-being of students and staff. Anti-racist and trauma-informed care not only raises our awareness of racism and trauma experienced by BIPOC and all marginalized peoples, but it also recognizes that we must be purposeful in addressing racism and trauma.  We owe this not only to our students, families, and staff, but also to the society we wish to inhabit both now and in the future.

One either allows racial inequities to persevere, as a racist, or confronts racial inequities, as an antiracist. There is no in-between safe space of “not racist.” The claim of “not racist” neutrality is a mask for racism.  - Ibram X. Kendi

Bryan Stevenson stated, “You can’t change the world with just ideas in your mind. You must have conviction in your heart.”  As a treatment community member and program provider, we must remain convicted to not tolerating acts of racism, hate, bias, or violence. We are angry, heartbroken, and inspired to be better.

In an effort to always improve, we pledge that we will continue to require all staff to attend annual trainings on:

  • cultural diversity,

  • trauma informed care,

  • providing culturally competent care,

  • student right/responsibilities,

  • harassment training, and

  • other trainings that allow for and encourage open discussions and opportunities to examine unconscious bias and increase self-awareness.


Moreover, we remain committed to continuing to offer clinician facilitated groups specifically addressing therapeutic issues for historically underrepresented (e.g., LGBTQ+, BIPOC) students. Additionally, a multidisciplinary (admissions, clinical, residential, and academics) team has formed an advisory board that will guide and advise our practices. We are blessed to have diverse, experienced, passionate and intelligent people across our various departments that are willing to guide our programs and practices.   This advisory board has been meeting and has scheduled townhall meetings for our students to further advocate, educate, and improve engagement.  Members of this advisory board will also lead trainings for our staff to increase diversity, inclusion, and understanding. 


Thank you


Youth Care Leadership Team

COVID-19 6.5.2020

Dear Parents,

During the past few weeks, Youth Care’s COVID-19 team has been closely tracking changes related to this virus throughout the country and especially throughout the state of Utah. We are aware that restrictions are loosening up in many areas, including Utah. Locally, this loosening appears to be associated with an increase in the number of confirmed cases of COVID. While this is not completely unexpected, it remains a concern for us. However, while recognizing the need to be cautious and minimize the exposure and risk to our students and staff, we recognize the importance and therapeutic value of in-person visits, when possible, between students and their families. Therefore, Youth Care has decided to move forward with in-person visitations. The steps listed below outline the current plan for these visits.        

Step One – Desire to visit:          

  • Parents will notify their child’s therapist of their intention to visit.

  • Therapist will then, in concert with the student’s treatment team, determine whether an off-site visit is appropriate (e.g. due to safety issues). If a visit is deemed appropriate, then

    • Parents will identify two periods of time in June or July that would work (only one time period will be used)

    • Therapist will determine length of visitation times based on student’s level of safety.

    • Therapist will email information regarding requested dates and length to Medical Team Scheduler.  


Step Two – Scheduling a visit:

  • The Medical Team scheduler gathers the above information, formalizes the visit on the master schedule and then confirms the date(s)/duration of the visit with the family via e-mail.

  • Additionally, the Medical Team scheduler will also provide information about procedures for pick-up/drop-off of the students.


Step Three - Prior to arriving for the visit: 

  • Each family member visiting will need to have written confirmation of a NEGATIVE COVID test before picking up your child.

    • You may do this at home before leaving your state (must be within 5 days of actual visit)

    • If unable to do the test in your home state, you may come to Utah, have a test done, wait for the results and, if Negative, the visit can proceed.

    • Psychiatrists at Youth Care will need confirmation that a visit has been planned and a request made for a prescription for COVID testing, at least three days prior to arriving in Utah. Therefore, parents are to notify the therapist who will communicate this need to the patient’s psychiatrist. The prescription for the COVID-19 test will need to be picked up at Youth Care at a pre-arranged time.


Step Four - Picking up your child for a visit:

  • Arrive at Youth Care a few minutes prior to the prearranged time for pick-up. Park in front of the Brighton House and remain in your vehicle.

  • Medical Team member will be available for pick-up and drop-off. They will:

  • Confirm negative COVID test documentation.

  • Screen family members in their car in the Brighton drive-through for pick-up (the same will be done upon drop-off)

  • Have any medications that will be needed during the visit ready to go.


Step Five - Visits:         

  • All visitation will occur off campus.

  • It is expected that COVID-19 guidelines will be followed:

    • Wear a mask in public settings

    • Visit areas where social Distancing of 6 Ft. can be maintained

    • Appropriate (20 second minimum) handwashing and use of hand sanitizer

    • We would ask that there be no indoor dining


Please note that, at the present time, no visits will be scheduled past July 31st due to some concern of another spike of the virus in late summer. Additionally, please be aware that planned visits could be altered should individual safety concerns arise with our students. If you have further questions, please address them to the therapist.

We appreciate your patience with this process and hope this move towards in-person visits will further the progress in each of our student’s treatment.


Dr. Mickelsen

COVID-19 5.22.2020

Dear Parents,

Thank you again for all those who participated in our virtual Parent Days.  We invite you to complete the Parent Survey distributed earlier this week. For your convenience here is the link for the survey we are requesting you to fill out: . Your feedback will help us further refine our Parent Days events in the future. 

This week, the county in which Youth Care is located has moved to YELLOW status (low risk.)  Due to this change, we will be meeting in the next two weeks to discuss and define when and how we will begin allowing parent visitations.  We know you are anxious to see your children, so we will begin to develop parameters which will allow for the safest roll out of allowing visitations.

This week we wanted to share with you a change that will take place with our student activities at Youth Care. We recognize the need and benefit for our students to have more opportunities to return to participating in activities in the community, while maintaining social distance from the public.  We are hopeful this change will: 1) increase the number of opportunities for students to learn/rehearse essential skills that are part of their individualized treatment plans; 2) raise the motivation of our students to earn the levels required for such activities; and 3) provide another distraction from their daily regimen.

In order to accomplish these goals, this week we are beginning to increase our students’ off-site activities, but with close attention being paid to the guidelines from the Utah Department of Health. In order to accomplish our goal of more off-site activities yet reduce the risk of exposure to COVID-19, Youth Care will be providing cloth face masks for our students and staff to wear when in close contact to members of the public. The following is a brief summary of our new protocol for off-site activities:



Prior to the off-site activity:

  • Masks provided will be made with elastic loops. This design will pose less safety risk to our students than ties/strings. However, given some inherent risk, these masks, when not being used, will be stored in a secure location.

  • Youth Care staff will retrieve the masks, count the number of masks to be used and document that number on a tracking form.

  • Students and staff will be asked to use proper hand hygiene prior to use of the masks.

  • Students and staff will be educated regarding the proper technique for putting on, wearing (i.e. keeping nose and mouth covered), and taking off the masks.

While on the off-site activity:

  • No masks will be required if students/staff are able to be in a community area (i.e. park) and are able to maintain the 6 ft. social distancing requirement.

  • No masks will be required when staff/students use the drive through option at restaurants.

  • When eating at an establishment (no in-restaurant eating for now) students and staff will be regularly reminded to maintain 6 ft. distance from the public and, unless eating, wear the mask.

At the end of the off-site activity:

  • Staff in charge will collect and count the number of masks retrieved. They will ensure that the number retrieved matches the number on the tracking form of masks distributed at the beginning of the activity.

  • All masks, after being returned to the secure area following an activity, will be laundered appropriately and replaced in the secure location for re-use.


Dr. Mickelsen

COVID-19 5.15.2020

Dear Parents - 

Please take a moment to provide us feedback about the Virtual Parent Days. While we hope to be able to resume in person Parent Days soon, we do value the opinions of our families and want to fine tune the process in case the situation warrants it again, or to consider expanding our Parent Day options. 

Parent Day Feedback Survey

Thank you!

COVID-19 5.15.2020

Dear Parents,


This week has seen another first at Youth Care. Throughout this week, most of you have participated in our first “virtual” Parent Days. It has been a unique and challenging undertaking for our team. In the coming days, we will begin to dissect the planning and execution of this event and look forward to your constructive feedback through a survey which each of you will receive. Youth Care highly values your input and finds it key in reviewing the process to the end of making changes and achieving the improvements in the treatment of your children. Initial feedback from our staff has been positive. The virtual format has allowed more parents to participate in the process which, for some, is often limited by time, financial costs or family/work commitments. The flexibility has been beneficial. However, the initial unfamiliarity with the platform used by some team members along with an unanticipated need for broader communication within our organization have posed some challenges. While not intentional, we recognize these challenges may have contributed to a suboptimal experience for some of you. We are working to improve this experience should it be needed in the future. Our team is very appreciative of your flexibility and patience throughout this week. Though new, we feel it has been a positive experience for our Youth Care team overall.


As we move forward in our treatment of your children, a major hurdle for our program remains the question about visitation. We feel very fortunate that, despite many moving parts within our organization, our campus has remained free of COVID-19. Each of you has assisted us in this effort and we thank you. Youth Care’s COVID-19 team is monitoring the statistics around the country daily. We use data from the CDC, WHO and the State of Utah to make determinations for the safest and best practices to keep everyone on the Youth Care campus, including your children and staff, safe and healthy. The governor and state epidemiologist of the State of Utah decided that, with some exceptions, most of the state will move to YELLOW status starting at 12:01 AM, Saturday 5/16/20. YELLOW does not mean “normal”. The “wash your hands, wear masks in public and social distance” are still the basic, crucial guidelines to follow. The State of Utah is doing a good job flattening the curve. But, as our Governor said, if people don’t continue to follow basic guidelines and we have a spike in cases, we will be dialed back to ORANGE.


As we approach the topic of visitation, other factors and questions are being discussed such as the status of movement within the state parents are coming from. How prevalent is the virus currently in the states from which parents are traveling? What means of travel will be used to come to the facility and what exposure to the virus does that create? What is the status of the state parents are traveling from…RED, ORANGE etc.? Would it be safe for parents from states with a higher level of exposure to travel to Utah to see their child? Up to this point, we feel the decisions we have made are sound based on available data—data we continue to monitor. By this continual monitoring, we believe we have been able to make decisions that have contributed to the safety and health of your children. There is hope that things are moving in a positive direction around the country. We feel that we are now in a position for a more in-depth discussion with our COVID team about how and when visits will begin and how they will be conducted. Much of the success of visitation will lie in the honesty and integrity of all involved and will, most likely, need to be determined on a case by case basis. Stay hopeful, stay safe and look for more information on visitation in the coming weeks.





Dr. Mickelsen

Medical Director

COVID-19 5.8.2020

Dear Parents,

We hope this communication finds each of you well. For over thirty years, Youth Care has worked to serve students struggling with mental health and substance use challenges. Of course, a large portion of this work involves you, their parents. Parent Days was designed to help accomplish this task. For decades, Youth Care has found it to be a useful tool to educate parents on therapeutic principles, assist in improving relationships with their children through direct participation, provide for support from other parents who face similar challenges as well as connect with those professionals in whom the stewardship has been placed to direct your children’s care. This event is eagerly anticipated and much planning and preparation (for Youth Care staff and parents) goes into its execution. In 2009, due to the Swine Flu epidemic Parent Days was cancelled. This was a great disappointment. At that time, the resources were not available to negotiate a solution to the barrier. However, we are grateful that despite similar limitations during this COVID-19 pandemic, technology affords us the opportunity to carry out this important aspect of our program. As we educate our students in skills that assist them in negotiating the challenges they face in life, we too take note that such skills are useful for us, their therapists, doctors, residential coaches and families. Specifically, despite the frustration and disappointment of not joining in person for Parent Days, we can apply the DBT skill of “Radical Acceptance” and focus on the opportunity at hand.

Below, you will find the outline for Parent Days. We are looking forward to being with you “virtually”. If there are any questions about the events next week and your involvement in them, we would direct you to your child’s therapist. Again, we appreciate your support of this event and trust it will accomplish the goals to educate, build, support and connect.

As stated in previous correspondence we continue to monitor the CDC and Utah Department of Health guidelines weekly in consideration of when in person visits can be safely resumed.


Dr. Richard Mickelsen

Medical Director

COVID-19 5.1.2020

Dear Parents,

Today is May 1st. While it signifies the beginning of another month it also brings to our thoughts two terms that seem to apply to our collective experience during this COVID-19 crisis and in the ongoing process of mental health treatment for your children. First, “Mayday”, the internationally used word (usually repeated three times in succession) indicates distress or a life-threatening emergency. It is a reminder that we, you and your children need help. While there is a need for help, assistance and support to deal with the pandemic, we more importantly recognize the mental health distress and life-threatening nature of the battles that each of your children are fighting. As such, we are grateful for your support, encouragement and responsiveness to your children’s call for help. Likewise, we are grateful for your support of our Youth Care team as we endeavor to assist them during their individual crises. Second, “May Day”, is an ancient festival of Spring celebrated on May 1st. This term reminds us of the hope that comes from Spring and a new season of life. Such hope is very welcome. Those of us at Youth Care express our hope that conditions, not just as it relates to the pandemic but as it relates to our students and each of you, their families, will improve and that we can be part of making that hope a reality.

While the details for our upcoming Parent Days are still being finalized, we did want to give you a glance at some of the components we are planning to incorporate into this event. Our desire is to make this event something that will be not only informative but also serve as tool in strengthening the therapeutic work in which each of our students and you are engaged. However, in advance, we ask for your assistance and patience as this is our first experience in undertaking such an event. One major difference will be that these components will not be condensed into a circumscribed time frame. As such, we ask for your assistance in accommodating the schedule to the best of your ability. The following is a glance of our preliminary plan. A final schedule will be sent to you next week:

-     Families will have two video conference family therapies during the week of May 11-15.

-     Families will have a virtual Educational Session with teachers and student during the week of May 11-15.

-     Families will have a virtual meeting with psychiatrist and student during the week of May 11-16.

-     Families will participate in a virtual parent support group sometime during May 14-15.

-     Families will have opportunity to attend a clinical presentation on May 14.


Look for a flyer entitled “Strategies for Sustaining Well Being” under the Parent Resources tab. We hope this may offer additional ideas for continued self-care.


Lastly, below is a picture of four F-35 military jets flying above Youth Care. In a gesture of gratitude for the work being done by health care professionals within the state of Utah, four fighter jets from Hill Air Force Base’s 388th Fighter Wing (just north of Salt Lake City) flew over the state of Utah saluting the medical workers for their service in this COVID-19 effort. While fleeting, this gesture was greatly appreciated by our staff and an impressive reminder that we don’t stand alone in this battle.
























(Photo taken by Brian McDonald—Admissions Counselor for Youth Care)



Dr. Richard Mickelsen

Medical Director


Dear Parents,


We are working on improving our system of customer service. On-line shopping and Amazon have made sending Care packages very easy and there has been an influx of packages this past year. This influx has compromised safety in our facility. 


We encourage you to send notes, letters, and cards, these are great ways for you to show your student you are thinking of them and sending them love and hope.  We have changed our policy on Care packages. Care packages may only be sent for the following: Birthdays, Valentine’s Day, Easter/Passover, and Hanukkah/ Christmas. 


The following are our guidelines for Care packages:

  • Birthdays – Parents may send a treat or dessert that can be shared and eaten in one sitting by student and peers.

  • Holidays -- we provide treats, so when sending Care packages be mindful of the limited space. Do not send: drinks (canned or bottled) or drink mixes/packets, cereal boxes, mac and cheese, ramen, meal items, items with caffeine, protein bars, sunflower seeds, meal supplements, gum, or any perishable items. All unapproved items will immediately be discarded (eligible items will be donated to the local food bank). If the items do not fit into a gallon size zip-lock bag, your student will choose which items they would like, and the excess will be immediately discarded or donated.


Some suggested gift items are:

Journals (no spiral binding or elastic components)

Needed clothing items

Small bags of sweets/snacks

Deck of cards

Fidget toys

Stress balls (foam only; no liquid or gel centers)

Coloring/Puzzle/Activity books

Art pencils

Fun Socks or T-shirts


Please do not send:

Art supplies in metal tins

Pencils/paint brushes with metal parts

“Clicky” pens/mechanical pencils or markers

Notebooks or art drawing pads with spiral binding

Sharpeners for art supplies or makeup pencils

Makeup in glass bottles/compacts with mirrors

Perfumes/cologne (even in a plastic bottle)

Immodest clothing/clothing with drawstrings or scarves (refer to the clothing expectations in the handbook)

Blankets, beanies or anything knitted or crocheted

Yarn/rope or string bracelets

Expensive jewelry/body piercing jewelry

Any electronics

Anything with removable batteries

Caffeinated drinks/any food item in a can or glass container


*Outside of Birthday’s and outlined Holidays- Request for needed clothing items will be made by therapist to parents or guardian.  The Therapist will notify Program Director of this request to ensure the allowance of package for student. All other packages outside of Birthdays and the outlined Holidays will be sent back at sender’s expense. 


* To donate books to the Library, please contact the Academic Director Josh Vineyard. 


If using a third party to send packages (such as Amazon) please identify who the package is from (usually by selecting the gift option). To ensure our students’ safety, only packages sent by individuals on the approved contact lists will be distributed. Any packages from unapproved contacts will be returned to sender and those from unknown contacts will be discarded or sent to the parent/guardian at cost to the parent/guardian. Please identify if the package is a holiday gift so we can set it aside until then.

Please, also note that we don't receive mail deliveries on Saturdays, Sundays, or Holidays.  We are registered with the US Postal Service, Fedex, and UPS as only able to receive mail and packages Monday-Friday 8:00am-5:00pm.  Please DO NOT PAY EXTRA for weekend or holiday delivery because your package will not be delivered until the following Monday.  If you would like to ensure your package arrives before the holiday, please plan ahead and make sure your package is scheduled to be delivered on Friday before 5:00pm. Be aware that if you use a private delivery service (like some Amazon deliveries), and they leave a package on Saturday, Sunday or a Holiday, your package may not reach its recipient, as there is no secure location for the package to be stored.

Lastly, please send all mail, letters and packages, for your student to our street address – 12595 South Minuteman Drive, Draper, UT 84020.  Do NOT send to the PO Box.

If you have any questions, please consult the handbook or reach out to your child’s therapist or Mindy Exon, Program Director.

Thank you for your continued support.

BestNotes Patient Portal Troubleshooting 4/2019

Dear Parents:

The BestNotes Patient Portal has a built in security feature that causes access to the documents to expire after 2 minutes. This is so that if you are accessing patient information in a public place like a library or at work, the information will not be available to everyone should you forget to close and log off.

When this happens, the following error message (or a similar one) will appear when you try to access the documents/pictures. 



<Message>Request has expired</Message>









If you are trying to access your files and you get this message, please return to the BestNotes Patient Portal home page (the page with your name and your child's name listed) and press the refresh button. This will allow you to see all the documents again. 

We are also recommending to all parents that they download and save copies of each of the documents and photos to their personal computer as soon as they become available on the Patient Portal. This will ensure you always have access to the files, no matter the internet connection or any technical difficulties that may arise.

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